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Land Conservation-Land Info

The Land Conservation-Land Information/GIS Department is a combined department to provide land conservation programming. The program also collects, maintains, and develops land and natural resource data throughout the county utilizing geographic information systems (GIS).

Under the direction of the Land Conservation-Land Information/GIS Committee, the department is the primary link locally for conservation programs and provides local leadership in carrying out programs that conserve our land, water and natural resources and maintains digital data which allows tracking resources and land changes. 

The department provides educational and technical assistance to the public on land and water resource management. Lake and stream conservation, erosion control, farmland preservation, nonmetallic mining and resource restoration activities are just a few of the areas the department works in. A primary duty of the department is to work on and meet goals as established in the Forest County Land &Water Resource Management Plan (LWRM). The LWRM is the guiding document on the priorities for land conservation.

Collecting and maintain data utilizing GIS mapping is a critical link in land conservation and management. In 2018, the land conservation department was joined with the land information department to bring more data collection and maintenance in-house. The combined department has the ability to produce maps with various information for all county departments and also sell maps of properties to the public. Key aspects of the land information duties are maintenance and tracking of on-line GIS data that is available through the GCS public portal. Collection of background data is another duty of the department. 

The program provides a weekly newspaper article named "The Conservation Corner" which provides the public weekly educational opportunities pertaining to the resources of Forest County, programming, and conservation activities. These weekly articles are available in the "Conservation Corner Articles" link below.

Farmers and agricultural producers are important to Forest County and the State of Wisconsin. The Information for farmers and agricultural producers link below provides information links for these landowners in applicable laws and cost share opportunities.

Forest and Woodland owners are the largest landowner segment in Forest County. The Information for Forest and Woodland Owners tab below provides information links for these landowners in applicable laws and cost share opportunities. The site also provides basic information on the Wisconsin Managed Forest Law (MFL)

Lake associations are a critical link between the land conservation program and property groups which provide influence on lake shore owners and how land is managed to protect lake quality.  The Information for Lake Associations link below provides information on potential grants and cost share programs to assist in Lake association projects. It also provides a direct link to the Forest County Association of Lakes (FCAL) which is a County wide group of established local lake associations.

Riparian landowners, those who own land along lakes or streams, have the potential for highest impact on surface water quality, both negative and positive. The Information for Riparian Landowners provides information on potential grants and cost share program which private landowner may use to complete projects on their property to protect or enhance water quality and control erosion.

If you have questions about anything on this site or you would like to discuss anything related to conservation of our land, water and natural resources or if you have questions regarding available land information or mapping please feel free to call or e-mail me.

Steve Kircher

County Conservationist- Land Information/GIS Director


Phone: 715-478-1387

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