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Firewood Cutting - $10.00

 Valid to December 31st of year purchased

 Max. of 10 face cords

 No mechanical skidding equipment allowed

 No gates will be opened to improve access

 ATVs/UTVs are not allowed on any County Forest land

      per ordinance 05-2009

 No cutting or wood gathering on active logging operations without written permission of the timber sale  operators

 No standing timber, dead or alive, can be cut. Downed wood only

Bough Cutting - $20.00

 Limit - 1 ton

 No cutting on active logging operations without written permission of the timber operators.  Copy of written permission must be sent to forestry office

 Permit is not transferable

 No axes may be used

 No boughs shall be gathered within 100 ft. of lakes or rivers

 No cutting on trees less than 10 ft. tall


Access Permit - $100.00

 Requires committee approval, no guarantee. 

 This is only a permit not an easement. 

 Permit is non-transferable

 Can be revoked at anytime

 More info/application



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