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Staff List: Social Services Department
Staff Name Staff Position Phone Number Email
Blaszczyk,  Heidi DSS Director 715-478-3351
Allred,  Carly DSS/COA Clerk 715-478-3351
Ashbeck,  Brenda Access Day Care Certification and Foster Care 715-478-3351
Boss,  Jeannie Economic Support Worker 715-478-3351
Calhoun,  Margaret Economic Support Worker 715-478-3351
Collins,  Kayla Family Support Specialist 715-478-3351
Fohrman,  Kathy CST Coordinator and Adult Protective Services 715-478-3351
Ginter,  Joan Fiscal 715-478-3475
Landenberg,  Missy CPS Lead Worker 715-478-3351
Weyker,  Nicole Youth Justice 715-478-3351
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