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Staff List: Sheriff's Office
Staff Name Staff Position Phone Number Email
Skallerud,  Ron Sheriff 715-478-3331
Bailey,  Dana Jail Administrator 715-478-3331
Belland,  Don Deputy/School Liason 715-478-3331
Boney,  Adam K-9 Officer/Sergeant 715-478-3331
Bradley,  Josh Dispatch Supervisor 715-478-3390
Cline,  James Jailer 715-478-3331
Collette,  Josh Youth Prevention Officer 715-478-3331
Collins,  Jeff Jail Huber Officer/FTO 715-478-3331
Congleton-Kulpa,  Sarah Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Cottrell,  Nick Jail Corporal 715-478-3331
Crum,  Tony Detective Sergeant 715-478-3331
Dennee,  Autumn Jailer 715-478-3331
Doane III,  John Deputy 715-478-3331
Herman,  Amanda Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Hines,  Elaine Jail Corporal 715-478-3331
Huettl,  Robbie Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Ison,  Melissa FTO/Jailer 715-478-3331
Jezeski,  James Deputy 715-478-3331
Johnson,  Connor Deputy 715-478-3331
Karcz,  Andy Lieutenant 715-478-7737
Kelly,  Luther Sergeant 715-478-3331
Krawze,  Chloe Dispatch 715-478-3331
Marvin,  Jeffery Captain 715-478-7737
McLean,  Jennifer Admin Secretary/Payroll/Accounts Rec./Warrants 715-478-7736
McMillion,  Karen L.E. Secretary/Records/Civil Process/Sheriff Sales 715-478-7735
Mullis,  Chad Recreation Officer 715-478-3331
Novak,  Jason Deputy 715-478-3331
Palmer,  Kyle Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Paschen,  Michael Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Radey,  Megan Jailer 715-478-3331
Rauhut,  Caleb Jail Corporal 715-478-3331
Retzlaff,  Kristopher Jailer 715-478-3331
Robinson,  Thomas Detective Sergeant 715-478-3331
Short,  Tasha Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Short,  Michael Detective Sergeant 715-478-3331
Theune,  Jason Dispatcher 715-478-3331
Walrath,  Alex Chief Deputy 715-478-3331
Wilson,  Darrell K-9 Officer/Detective Sergeant 715-478-3331
Wurtinger,  Sam IT 715-478-3331
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