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Department Detail:  Register of Deeds

Department Register of Deeds
Elected Official Cortney Britten Cleereman
Address 200 E Madison St
Crandon, Wisconsin  54520
Phone Number 715-478-3823
Fax Number 715-478-3837
Staff Register of Deeds Staff
Public Information


Land Records Data/Search Parcels & Purchase Documents:

(Deed Exceptions) <= can be found here.

Land Records with Mapping:


Grantor/Grantee Index: Forest County Search Index


Manual Tract Books Pre 2013: Forest County Search Index

Plats: are scanned but currently need to be requested from the ROD.

 Wisconsin Register of Deeds Association:

 Wisconsin Department of Revenue(eRETR):


Land Information (Surveys, PLSS, Gov Lot Books and Maps): Forest County Search Index


Statewide Private Forest Lands Open for Public Recreation(MFL Open/Closed):


SCO Survey Control Finder:,county,USGS,CORS,PLSS/terrain


Statewide Parcel Map Initiative:

DNR Well Construction Information:!/PublicSearch/Index


Free Downloadable Forms:

(Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed, Termination of Decedent’s Interest and Instructions, Registration of Firm/Farm Name and Instructions, Non Metallic Mining, Statement of Mineral Claim, Transfer by Affidavit and much more)



Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce Record Applications:


Genealogy Links:



Hand written Grantor/Grantee Book Index entry ended: Feb. 26, 1993

Hand written Tract Book Index entry ended: December 31, 2012

Volume and Page numbering ended (on most docs): March 10, 2013

Data can be sporadic in system but goes backwards from current to: Records, Doc. No: 134223, Vol: 158 Page 1

IMAGES SCANNED back to:                                        SEARCHABLE by:

Deeds:                         Volume: 1                               Vol: 1 Page: 1 or Doc No

Records:                      Doc No: 91033                       Vol: 96 Page 1 or Doc No

Miscellaneous:            Volume: 1                               Vol: M1 Page 1 or Doc No

Mineral Records:        Volume: 1                               Vol: MR1 Page 1 or Doc No

Corporation Records: Volume: 1                                Vol: CR1 Page 1 or Doc No

Certified Survey:         Volume: 1                               Vol: CS(space)1 Page 1 or Doc No

(Except but not limited to: Mortgages, Chattel Mortgages, Financial Statements, Lis Pendens, Forest Crop Lands, Federal Tax Liens, Change of Names, Cemetery, Highway)


We always encourage you to verify the handwritten tract index against the GCS Computer System.



Please note:  The Register of Deeds office cannot draft documents and cannot provide legal advice of any kind.

The Register of Deeds office records, files, indexes and maintains documents authorized by law based on the Wisconsin statutes.  All real estate documents that affect ownership of property, easements, mortgages, satisfactions, land contracts, name changes, power of attorney, federal tax liens, plats and certified survey maps are recorded in this office. 

This office also files Vital Records which include birth, death, and marriage records along with military discharges.

Duties carried out by the Register of Deeds office are set forth in Wisconsin Statute 59.43(1).

Committee Of Jurisdiction RC&D Committee
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